Alma by Gardos

High end cosmetics 100% natural

Made with passion in Spain

We create cosmetics that go hand in hand with biotechnology and science. We take advantage of the knowledge that nature gives us – which is our inspiration.

We create cocktails of 100% natural active ingredients. These active ingredients are so powerful that they start a process of transforming your skin.

We extract the chemistry and knowhow from plants and make it available to your skin, with an effective product, whose benefits are noticeable in just a few weeks.

Everything we do has an environmental impact.

Alma by Gardos keeps that fact very much in mind. We use ecological products, and we are committed to using local and responsible production with the environment in mind. We work hand in hand with laboratories in which, with very little space and very little water, we can create very effective and 100% natural extracts and active ingredients.

We believe that nature offers us everything necessary to give your skin the well-being it deserves. Efficient and sustainable ethics prevail for us because the world changes and we understand that everything we do has a direct impact on us and the world around us.

We want you to connect with the Earth, with what is natural and with what is truly effective and of quality, and that is why we do not skimp on resources when formulating our cosmetics because the quality of the raw material we use depends on it, our commitment to the world and of course the care of our customers.